About Us

details about Natraj Pencil Packing Company Since dependability is what sets our products apart, we manufacture them using the most meticulous procedures, underpinned by years of research and development. Our 10 factories use the most up-to-date technology and the finest raw materials to offer our products an unsurpassed brilliance. These factories are currently spread out across 5 outstanding sites in India. Everything, including the screws, sharpener blade, pencil lacquer, and pen tips, is made in-house to reach faultless, gleaming standards.

No longer are pencils made from wood harvested from a forest. Private plantations have increased as a result of our concern for the environment.

In addition, we purchase wood from farmers who all raise trees

either in the corridors of their homes or on their farms or other property. This activity ensures a steady stream of dependably stunning wood. It also makes it possible to maintain ecological balance and biodiversity. Continuous efforts are made to enhance business procedures and maximise resource usage with the assistance of the commercial enterprise in order to stop environmental damage. The business only makes use of non-toxic materials. Research and development efforts are also being undertaken to switch to PVC-free formulas and water-based lacquers that are more environmentally friendly.

Excellent teacher training is available at the Nataraj Research Institute & Training College in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, with a focus on allied health and specialised knowledge on cerebral palsy, developmental delays, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and particular impairments. work packaging natraj pencils, Nataraj Special School the Cerebral